We answer questions in English, German, Italian, French and Spanish only by e-mail.

Telephone contact with the company: from Monday to Friday, 7.00-16.00 Polish time

Contact numbers: (00 48) 89 741 89 55
Contact numbers: (00 48) 0 607 600 142

Our Liturgical Costumes can certainly meet the expectations of priests and parishes abroad. Our products have reached Churches from many European countries many times.
We sew them to priests, lecturers and altar boys from many cities in Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, USA and other countries. We especially recommend cotton products such as chasubles and robes, which are in demand among customers who value quality, elegance and comfort.
We will deliver them easily by international courier.

What do we do when carrying out a foreign order?

To choose the right pattern, see our proposals on the website.

Beforehand, please read HOW TO MEASURE carefully and measure exactly as requested. Any addition of centimeters by you will result in ABSOLUTELY ERROR MEASUREMENT AND APPROVAL OF WRONG DRESS SIZES.


Purchases in the ONLINE STORE in the form of "TO CART" - the products reach the Ordering Party immediately after the payment is credited to the company's account. This means that we only execute the paid orders on time (check the DELIVERY DATES) after receiving the payment to the account.

Note: No payment within 7 days of placing the order will result in its removal from the register.

In orders, the mobile phone number is absolutely necessary for the COURIER delivering the parcels!

We try to send SMS about shipments and at any time the courier company handling our orders is able to contact the Recipient. We cannot inform by e-mail about packages for various legitimate reasons, which we have tried in several years of cooperation with OUR CUSTOMERS.

All paid orders placed by the store will be immediately confirmed, if you do not receive an e-mail reply within 48 hours, please contact us!