Chasuble GPa4/z

€ 70.44 Tax included

Models available

Chasuble GPa4/z - tax included 70,44 €

Chasuble GPa4/z + Stole Sta4/z (125cm) - tax included 83,48 €

Chasuble GPa4/z - Wool - tax included 89,07 €

Chasuble GPa4/z-w + Stole Sta4/z (125cm) - tax included 102,12 €



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Models available

Chasuble GPa4/z:
 ✔️ Chasuble GPa4/z
 ✔️ Chasuble GPa4/z + Stole Sta4/z (125cm)
 ✔️ Chasuble GPa4/z - Wool
 ✔️ Chasuble GPa4/z-w + Stole Sta4/z (125cm)


A beautiful festive chasuble with a decorative belt. The decoration - a liturgical motif in green - is in the front and back of the garment. This style is also available with a stole.

  • A chasuble in green.
  • Decorative belt on the front and back.
  • The belt is decorated with liturgical motifs.
  • Available as a set with a stole.

This chasuble is ideal for service during Ordinary Time.