Chasuble Gh6/c

€ 55.51 Tax included

Models available

Chasuble Gh6/c - tax included 55,51 €

Chasuble Gh6/c + Stole Sth6/c (125cm) - tax included 66,69 €

Chasuble Gh6/c - Wool - tax included 90,53 €

Chasuble Gh6/c-w + Stole Sth6/c (125cm) - tax included 103,57 €



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Models available

Chasuble Gh6/c:
 ✔️ Chasuble Gh6/c
 ✔️ Chasuble Gh6/c + Stole Sth6/c (125cm)
 ✔️ Chasuble Gh6/c - Wool
 ✔️ Chasuble Gh6/c-w + Stole Sth6/c (125cm)


Beautiful red chasuble with an embroidered liturgical symbol. The colour of the chasuble matches perfectly with the embroideries on the front and back. The red chasuble is ideal for service during Mass or other church ceremonies.

  • Red chasuble with embroidery.
  • Embroidered ornaments with symbols of the liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Embroideries in the colours gold, silver.
  • Available as a set with a stole.

This chasuble is ideally suited for service on Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Pentecost, the Feast of the Holy Apostles, Evangelists and Martyrs, Masses related to the Holy Spirit (e.g. Confirmation Mass), Passion of the Christ Mass, and Holy Cross Masses.