Pelerine Pr/lim

€ 20.70

Models available

Pr/lim / 50cm - tax included 25,46 €

Pr/lim / 55cm - tax included 31,90 €

Pr/lim / 60cm - tax included 38,35 €

Pr/lim / 65cm - tax included 41,57 €

Pr/lim / 70cm - tax included 41,57 €

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Models available

Pelerine Pr/lim:
 ✔️ Pr/lim / 50cm
 ✔️ Pr/lim / 55cm
 ✔️ Pr/lim / 60cm
 ✔️ Pr/lim / 65cm
 ✔️ Pr/lim / 70cm


A playful yellow-green pelerine with elblow-length sleeves is suitable for choirs or other music groups of all ages: from children, teenagers to adults. It is mainly intended for girls and ladies, but boys can wear it in dark colors like navy blue or black. This product’s style is characterized by a wider front and back and wide sleeves. A cinnamon-gold trimming serves as a decoration for the sleeves and fastener.

The garment reaches below the hips, so that it looks good with trousers or a long, straight skirt. The pelerine fits perfectly and is made of flowy fabric that is easy to take care of (gabardine - 100% polyester).

How to measure

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