Cope 2/Z

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Cope 2/Z (120cm) - tax included 164,94 €

Cope 2/Z (130cm) - tax included 164,94 €

Cope 2/Z (140cm) - tax included 164,94 €



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Models available

Cope 2/Z:
 ✔️ Cope 2/Z (120cm)
 ✔️ Cope 2/Z (130cm)
 ✔️ Cope 2/Z (140cm)


A cope (also known as pluviale, rain coat or cappa) is a long cloak worn by priests. Copes are used during service, Liturgy of the Hours, and baptisms outside Mass. The cope symbolizes the royal mission and great dignity of the priestly ministry. We offer our smoke cloaks according to the current trend, in which priests move away from lavish decorations and prefer simple and light copes.

  • 2/Z Ceremonial cope in gold-white.
  • With sewn-on decorative belt in the front.
  • Embroidery with liturgical symbols on the collar.
  • Coppery fringes on the collar
  • Liturgical symbols in gold.