Surplice K5k

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K5k - cream-coloured - gabardine (polyester) - tax included 33,53 €

K5k/w - cream-coloured (wool 70% polyester 30%) - tax included 92,80 €



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Models available

Surplice K5k:
 ✔️ K5k - cream-coloured - gabardine (polyester)
 ✔️ K5k/w - cream-coloured (wool 70% polyester 30%)


Surplice is stylish, simple and elegant at the same time. The robe is decorated with a decorative band with an antique pattern in gold. Elegant decorations have been applied to the sleeves and the bottom of the garment, making it unique. There are fabrics to choose from - gabardine (polyester), wool-polyester.

The robe was made in Roman style with pressed flaps.

How to measure

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