Short pelerine for altar servers PMp/cf

€ 21.67

Models available

PMp/cf / 22cm (height 122cm) - tax included 26,66 €

PMp/cf / 27cm (height 135cm) - tax included 26,66 €

PMp/cf / 30cm (height 146cm) - tax included 26,66 €

PMp/cf / 32cm (height 160cm) - tax included 26,66 €

PMp/cf / 34cm (height 170cm) - tax included 30,97 €

PMp/cf / 36cm (height 179cm) - tax included 30,97 €

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Models available

Short Pelerine for Altar Servers PMp/cf:
 ✔️ PMp/cf / 22cm (height 122cm)
 ✔️ PMp/cf / 27cm (height 135cm)
 ✔️ PMp/cf / 30cm (height 146cm)
 ✔️ PMp/cf / 32cm (height 160cm)
 ✔️ PMp/cf / 34cm (height 170cm)
 ✔️ PMp/cf / 36cm (height 179cm)


Short and elegant double-sided pelerine for altar servers or lectors.

This double-sided pelerine can be used in various situations during the liturgical year. Our pelerine for altar servers or lectors can be worn on both sides, each available in contrasting colors. It is made of a fabric that is perfect for everyday use: light, crease-resistant, easy to iron and stain-resistant. Made of gabardine and brocade (100% polyester). When choosing the size/length, please take into account the person’s overall height.

  • short, double-sided collar for altar servers
  • PMp/cf: red-violet
  • band collar
  • tied with strings
  • made of gabardine (100% poliester)