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Alb AP8p

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Models available

Alb AP8p:
 ✔️ AP8p (polyester)
 ✔️ AP8p/b (cotton with viscose)


This Alb with lace decorations is exclusively work by prelates. This robe has a classic cut and is characterized by delicate lace with underlying purple fabric. The bottom and sleeves of the garment have 22cm high polyester lace inserts and are underlaid with purple fabric. The classic liturgical motif is very popular and elegant. It is available in two types of fabric: gabardine (polyester) and cotton with viscose.

This Alb for prelates is lined with purple fabric, has a zipper on the arm and a band collar.

  • This garment is decorated with 22cm high lace and beautiful eucharistic symbols.

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